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CCS LOGISTICS Donates furniture

During the month of October CCS Logistics made donations of furniture to The Ark City of Refuge as well as Heatherdale Children’s home in Athlone.

The Ark City of Refuge received 24 much needed double bunks which will be used in the children’s and men’s sections of the home. The Ark City Of Refuge comprises of a cluster of various homes, namely for children, woman, men and a creche facility. The city is also home to a primary school where the children attend both from the Ark as well as surrounding areas. The Ark also offers various support structures for those who need assistance, such as drug and alcohol restoration, sport and recreational facilities, parenting workshops and many other surportive programs. Established in 1992 it is estimated that roughly 35000 homeless people and children have passed through the gates of this city of hope, walking out with a new chance, inspired by the nature of the home.

CCS Logistics also visited Heatherdale children’s home in Athlone. Lounge suites were donated to the home for the boys and girls sections respectively as well as new carpets to compliment the new furniture and add some magic to the rooms. Edward Cyster, Director for the home showed the CCS Logistics representatives how well the new couches would benefit the kids. Heatherdale children’s home caters for an average of 50 children who are at risk. It serves as a place of safety and counselling for children between ages 4 – 18 who have been identified by the children’s court that their home environments are not safe and places them at risk. While Heatherdale provides a place of refuge for these children, the home also strongly practices the child preservation model which indicates that once the issues have been identified and solved, the children are placed back with their parents or extended family members.

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