CCS Logistics

Supporting local communities

CCS Logistics contributes funds towards the Oceana Foundation, which was established in March 2012 as a channel for the group’s social investment in the communities within which it operates.

In accordance with the group’s CSI policy, the key focus areas for CSI are food security and education. CSI expenditure is directed at sustainable initiatives in the group’s host communities in an effort to continue to add value by improving the socio-economic conditions in these communities. In South Africa, we continue to focus on improving education through various infrastructure enhancement initiatives at schools, provision of transportation for learners, and life skills training for youth. Our CSI investment in South Africa in 2016 amounted to R6,9 million.

There is also continued CSI focus in Namibia on community and rural development, sports development, and food security, with CSI investment totalling over N$ 4,3 million.

We remain committed to spending at least 1.1% of our net profit after tax on CSI initiatives in our host communities.